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Sturm und Drang
Artisan Builders and Craftsmen
1313 The Wall, Infinitus

T100 (g) Floating Fortress
Users Guide and Owners Manual

Caution: Before Using this Product, Read the Manual and follow all relevant safety instructions. Please note, use of the Floating Fortress may not be legal in all districts and municipalities

Installation Instructions

Your T100 (e), T100 (g) or T100 (n) should come fully assembled and operational. If you feel that your unit is not fully functional upon delivery, please review the Troubleshooting guide, below, before attempting to contact Sturm und Drang (hereafter SuD) directly. Should it be necessary to contact SuD, you may call upon them at 1313 The Wall, Infinitus. Because of the high demand for quality SuD merchandise, Customer Support is limited to the hours of 12:00 PM through 1:00 PM.

An awe inspiring tool for the dedicated despot, an island of serenity to feel closer to your Omnipotent Being, or merely the most comfortable way to get from point A to point B, The SuD T1000 is the lair of choice for discerning tastes. With optional Siegebuster™ technology, the T1000 is the perfect blend of safety, comfort and style. Voted “Best in Show” by Better Castles and Moats 3 years running, the T100 will get you where you need to go, and keep you safe while it does so. Not to mention the awe inspiring image when you drop 30000 tonnes of Arcane-forged granite on the plains beside some other ‘conventional’ castles we could name. And you know that if it comes from Sturm und Drang, it’s built to last. They’ve been building them since before your ancestors crawled out of the seas. No other competitor can boast a track record as long or as distinguished.

  • Geosynchronous Location and Display (GLAD)
    Instantly track your location using a convenient sliding scale, from alley and hovel to Planar Regions
  • Handcrafted Altimiter Control Knob (HACK)
    Maintain consistent altitude with this beautiful handcrafted rod. May be set to maintain speceific altitudes, or automatically bring you to ground level for unpleasant weather effects.
  • Intelligent Display (ID)
    When used in conjunction with GLAD, allows the user to track your location on any map or scale.
  • Gravitational Oneros, Local Disruptor (GOLD)
    Fly from one level to the next with ease by using the optional gravity disruptors
  • Safety and Security (SS)
    Lock any and all doors in the Fortress with the touch of a button. Turn any sleeping chamber into a suitable prison for those disruptive guests, or even just the in-laws who have overstayed their welcome.
  • Terminator Package Guardian (TP Guard)
    Instant muscle to aid you in every day tasks, from gathering reagents to repelling intruders. They don’t eat, don’t sleep, and best of all, you never have to pay them
  • Baselined Location Instant Net Kaliperization (BLINK)
    Control everyone who goes in or out. Wow the locals with instant teleportation into and out of the Fortress.

Please note, not all features appear on all models. Some features magically disabled during shipment to prevent damage to external entities. Due to the trade embargo(s) currently levied by the United Planar Alliance (UPA), T1000 Flying Fortresses are not available for sales or service in the following regions: Tarterus, Gehenna, Acheron. Due to an inability to find quality shipping companies, orders from Limbo are reserved for pick up only. Warranty not valid on any plane with a natural Chaotic Disposition.

Use and Care
The T1000 Flying Fortress should last centuries with little to no care required. The Arcane forged granite is ensorcelled to repel even the toughest stains, including bloodstains. Should cleaning be required, enchanted brooms and mops are preferred. Should the Fortress require significant cleaning or maintenance, we recommend you consult the list of SuD approved castle maintenance providers.

Troubleshooting Guide
Symptom – Action

  • My Fortress won’t fly
    • Have you registered the purchase on the SuD Fortress Registry? This must be done as soon after pickup/delivery as is feasible, to ensure that all options are enabled.
    • Verify that the HACK is not set to ground level. HACK controls altitude and must be raised for Fortress to fly.
    • If Registered, has the Anti Gravitic Basis Point (AGBP) been checked recently? To check, look for the fuel door on the top of the fortress (outside). It should be filled to appropriate levels with the fuel described for your model.

AGBP Fuel Sources by model

  • T100 (e) Blood from an Archon, Solar, Gold Dragon, or similar entity. Fuel efficiency may be limited by the quality of available components. Liquid pain may be used as fuel booster.
  • T1000 (n) Compressed brain stem from a Grey Slaad, after it has been extracted from the host via the tentacles of an illithid (aka Mind Flayer)
  • T1000 (g) Elder Air Elemental, typically entrapped via a forbiddance


Please note, this Limited warranty is available only to the original owner. Warranty is unenforced until after full payment has been rendered, including (for some models) the delivery of a first born son. Warranty is null and void if it can be determined that the castle spent significant amounts of time in chaotically aligned planes. Warranty is null and void should the Fortress ever enter the Plan of Limbo, even briefly.


Floating Fortress

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