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The Sunken Library

August 2011


These are the few clues left behind by Nanak’s Mother for our heroes to seek her out and break her plan. Without much time to lose, the party began to research. Between Alisandra’s knowledge of Arcane History and Planar Lore, and Will’s ability to use divinations to see glimpses of the whole, they were able to piece together bits and pieces of what Mother is seeking. Ages ago, the Iron Crown of Ibyss was lost by Dispater in a battle with the Demon Lord Orcus during one of the more violent periods of the Blood War between Demon and Devil.

It fell to a Balor demon, Yzerion, who used its power to take control of a layer of the Abyss. This worked for a time until he was accidentally summoned by the Mad Mage Malfurion. Malfurion had intended to summon an Efreet to grant him three wishes, and since Yzerion seemingly refused to cooperate, the Mad Mage kept him imprisoned there.

Many years later, having completely forgotten about the ‘efreet’ kept in his tower, the mage was unfortunately killed during a magic experiment gone awry. In fact, he took his tower, and much of the surrounding countryside with him. The explosion freed Yzerion, but this was of little comfort to him as his corporeal body was destroyed, banishing him back to the abyss for 100 years. The explosion also ripped the crown from his head, meaning that when he returned to deal with all of the demons he had summarily deposed, he had no extra power to do so. Some say the Abyss still rings with his cries of rage and pain.

The crown meanwhile, shattered into three separate fragments. Periodically through history they would turn up, usually portending war, famine and suffering on a grand scale. One fragment is thought to lie buried with with the undead Lich King Tassadar, deep beneath the jungles of Aiur. Another fragment sits impotent and forgotten in the treasure vault of the despot Trantor, in the dwarven empire of Chard. Rumors and legend are all they have, but even these are incomplete. Where is Aiur? Where is Chard? No one seems to know. And so Alisandra decides there is only place that still may hold the secrets you seek – the Sunken Library.

Once the home of a powerful council of Wizards and Scholars, the library fell into a giant sinkhole millenia ago. Some consider the event to have been divinely motivated after one of the Wizards, named Lennon piped up in an interview “We’re more popular than Corean!”

Finding said library would have been a Sisyphean task, were it not for the amazing room of maps in your floating fortress. Perhaps because the Fortress itself was so old, it took only hours to find the location and set yourselves in motion. Once there, getting in proved to be more difficult. The fortress was large enough that that it was impossible to set down within the sinkhole itself. Additionally the overgrown jungle both within and around the sinkhole made travel dangerous and difficult.

Just how difficult was discovered before they even made it to the crater after disembarking. A party of ferocious tiger creatures, shifting at will between man and beast, ambushed them and tried to drive them off. Wave after wave of attacks followed, until the party finally crossed the lip of the chasm and made it down to the jungle floor beneath. For the time being, things are quiet, giving the heroes a moment to rest and recharge, but this cannot continue forever.


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