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Cerulean Blue

Day 20
It is certain that Nanak never supposed his homecoming to be like this, when first he fled. Some evil and malevolent might has utterly destroyed the small town of Sylvanwood, taking the time and effort necessary to individually desecrate every item in the town. Mother left only a brief note, instructing him, if he should ever return, to search the Sanctum where he had once worshipped with his Mother; where he had also burned her and fled.

There, she set up for him a challenge. Should he choose to continue opposing her, she would leave a clue to her location in the final room of the Sanctum. Should he survive it, he might be strong enough to face her. If he could find her.

The first room was filled with flames. And Salamanders. Not the cute little amphibian kind, but the big nasty fiery kind. Nanak’s quick thinking here helped greatly, as a well placed cone of cold was sufficient to destroy one of the beasts and frighten the other into sulking behind his wall of fire. After the battle though, an interesting thing happened. Something attacked him, striking him to the ground and nearly killing him. While he writhed and screamed in pain, an aura of swirling motes of darkness filled the air about him, seeming to dart and flow around him and even through him. After the attack, Nanak seemed to recover, but he had changed. His skin was darker, his fingernails longer and harder. He seemed as baffled as the rest of them as to what had happened.

The second room, flooded with water, proved the home to a family of swamp trolls, comfortably lurking underwater for an intruder. They proved quite the challenge, both the first time, and the second. Oh yeah – trolls HEAL.

In the final room, deep mist shrouded the air, leaving anything further than a few feet from you cloaked in an impenetrable grey gloom. Here lurked the most vile challenge of all, a demonic spider from the underworld which webbed Nanak into place as it began to stalk the sightless party. Many times and often did they strike out, only to miss the beast as it moved away. Finally Will pierced the gloom with a Dispel Magic, and once again everyone could see.

And finally, amidst some serious treasure, a book from Mother. There are only a few fragments left, but here is what they could make out:

  1. The names Dispater, Orcus, and Ibyss
  2. A crown, and different fragments of it
  3. The locations Trantor and Aiur


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